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Oakham Sparrow Terrace - Birdboxes - Signature Statues, Sparrow Nest Box

Sparrow Nesting Box

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Due it's larger size, the Oakham Sparrow Nesting Box is perfect for your local Sparrow population, as Sparrows prefer to nest together in a congregation. To guarantee this, we provide a large  terrace designed nest box with three spacious separate nesting compartments.

Our Sparrow Box design retains the qualities of all the other designs in our range, including keyholes for secure mounting and screws which can be undone when cleaning is required. The Oakham Sparrow terrace provides a delightful home for local sparrows to nest on your property where they can feel safe and secure in a congregation. 

As always, our Sparrow Nesting Box is manufactured from FSC certified timber. 

Height                                                        260mm
Width                                                        385mm
Depth                                                        185mm