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Another amazing year!

As the festive season fast approaches we thought it best to write a quick blog not only to thank our much appreciated customers but share an annual review of our family company and it's progress. I also thought, what better way to do so then to share your experiences, testimonials and photographs. Before we begin however, from all the staff at Signature Statues, we would like to thank all our customers from right across the United Kingdom for your custom and we have enjoyed getting to know you all! Thank you. It hasn't been easy, but with a good few family arguments and often working 7 days a week and 12 hours a day we seemed to have managed!

Since the lockdown began to ease, we have welcomed three more full time staff who have brought new ideas, designs and thinking to our company. They have also helped us adapt to customer and market demands. At the start of the year we saw huge demand and popularity for our Wooden Planters and Vegetable Planters as the planting season begun, it was a challenge but one we all enjoyed! Here are two delightful customer images sent in.

Our Norway Spruce Planter, sent in from Amber Thom (Ayr).

... and our Garden Raised Beds, sent in from Jo (North Yorkshire).


Garden Raised Beds - Made in England - Signature Statues


 It wasn't just the wooden planters that saw a huge increase in demand and popularity, our new stone trough designs did also! The first image of our Large County Troughs by Sue (North Yorkshire) is one our favourites!

Large Stone Troughs - Made in England - Signature Statues

However, this customer photo from Amanda (Newport) is absolutely stunning. Our large Stone Troughs look fantastic in this quaint country setting. 

Large Stone Trough - Made in England - Signature Garden Statues

After the Spring planting season turned into Summer, we saw demand significantly increase for our Birdbaths, Sundials and armillaries, even servicing a few celebrities along the way! Here is a wonderful image sent in from Katherine (Hitchin). 

Armillary Spheres - Signature Statues - Made in England
As the year has come to a close our demand for building materials has soared. It's no secret that the United Kingdom is building massively at the moment in a post pandemic time, and we have distributed Coping Stones, Pier Caps and Balustrading on a residential and commercial basis.
Cast Stone Balustrading - Made in England - Signature Statues
In summary, it has been an excellent year of growth for Signature Statues, with our new designs and ideas being received well by our customers. We have also maintained our 5* Trustpilot thanks to all your positive feedback. So thank you all for your support and from all of us here at Signature Garden Statues we wish you a very merry Christmas when it arrives and all the best for the new year!

Thank you.
P.S. Lots of new products and designs being released very soon...

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  • Looking forward to what’s new to come for Signature Statues! Keep up the great work :)

    Miss B

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