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Collection: Cast Stone Building Merchant Supplies

At Signature, we provide a wide range of exclusive cast stone building supplies, handcrafted and designed here by our own team. Whether it be architectural, commercial or residential, Signature Statues provides all your cast stone building materials to the highest quality.

All building products available in both
Antique Grey and

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Coping Stones & Pier Caps

We provide a wide range of exclusive Coping and Pier Cap designs, available in all quantities with bespoke or custom sizes available on request. Corners and terminal ends are also provided for on request. As always with our cast stone products, they all exceed the BS1217 standards.

Bevelled Coping Stones

Once Weathered Coping Stones

Chamfered Coping Stones

Traditional Flat Coping Stones

Classical Coping Stones

Terminal End Bevelled Coping Stone

Chamfered Corner Coping Stone

Chamfered Terminal End Coping Stone

Regency Pillar Caps

Tiered Caps

Classic Pointed Pier Caps

Chamfered Pier Caps

Bevelled Pier Caps

Sills (Cills) & Cast Stone Heads

Also provided are a range of cast stone heads and cills for the tradesmen, architect and engineer wishing to add a touch of class and quality to any building project. All of the cills manufactured at Signature are non-load bearing and are only designed to be a first-rate decorative feature.



Keystone Head

Tapered Cast Stone Head

Cast Stone Plain Heads

Cast Stone Building Supply Accessories

Authentic and exclusively designed Quoins, Corbels and String Courses are also available in both stock and custom sizes where requested, to add the finishing elegant touches to any property.

Chamfered Quoin

Plain Quoin


Chamfered String Course

Internal String Course

Profiled String Course

Gable Vent

Signature Pointing Mix

Balustrade and Window Surrounds

For further architectural cast stone designs, we also provide beautiful full cast stone window surrounds and ornate balustrade designs. All of which can be conveniently organised into plots for delivery.


Window Surround

Chamfered Sills

Verona Balustrade

Spanish Balustrade

Italian Balustrade

Classical Balustrade

Genoa Balustrade

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