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  • Another amazing year!

    As the festive season fast approaches we thought it best to write a quick blog not only to thank our much appreciated customers but share an annual...
  • Planting Season might be beginning at last!

    It's Planting Season! (Once this rain goes away!) As we come to the end of May and enter the beginning of June, we would like to supply our read...
  • New Year, New Garden!

    During these uncertain times, it is important that we still keep ourselves motivated and busy doing the things we love as much as we can. This blog...
  • Spring Time Offers

  • At least someones flying!

    Since the Coronavirus outbreak the aviation industry has seen thousands of flights cancelled and many planes grounded. However, some fliers still have journeys to make, and in this article we will be looking at the incredible migratory journey British birds make each year, how they do it and why!
  • Spring forward into British Summer Time!

    Here we are again folks, the clocks go forward for an hour. Inevitably there will be a few tired minds and grumpy dads (we all know the type!) this Sunday after losing an hours sleep, but the clocks going forward also symbolizes the start of summer. This article concentrates on how you can best start preparing your garden for the cherished summer season! 
  • Attracting birds-the cheep kind!

    As temperatures begin to increase and the weather improves, the activity of the British garden bird begins to change, and the familiar and cherished dawn chorus begins to be heard once again throughout homes right across our beloved island home. In this article written by Signature we look at how to attract local birds to your garden, building the best environment for them to thrive and how to provide the best care possible for the natural populations. 

    We understand how stressful these times are for everyone not only in the U.K. but around the world amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and we hope all our treasured Signature Statues customers are safe. We know many of our customers are both bedding plant and home-grown produce enthusiasts, so this blog today aims to provide a little bit of reading, advice and guidance on herb and vegetable planting!
  • Planting ideas!

    With all that is going on in the world with the current  COVID-19 outbreak, we would firstly like to urge all our readers and customers to stay safe during this time and follow government recommendations and guidelines.We know it is a stressful time for everyone, but it is well documented that gardening is an excellent stress reliever, so get out there fetch the trowel and enjoy!
  • March Into Spring

    With the world on shut down, you may find yourself isolated at home browsing for ideas to spend this newfound time. As the planet takes a sigh of relief from a well-deserved break from humanity, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with your garden.