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Planting Season might be beginning at last!

It's Planting Season! (Once this rain goes away!)
As we come to the end of May and enter the beginning of June, we would like to supply our readers with some fun ideas to get those gardens flourishing this summer, it's not too late to get started!
Of course living in England also means having to deal with a lot of not-so-great weather, leaving us all thinking when are we finally going to receive some nice weather for our plants to grow...
The UK experienced 63.5mm of rain in the first two weeks of May (91% expected rainfall for the entire month!) and with the easing of lockdown restrictions, this wasn't the ideal weather to accompany this with!
Some good news!
However, according to the Met Office, things should be looking up soon.
" The unsettled weather is expected to continue through the weekend – though may start to become a little brighter next week.
“ Into next week, there is a chance of more settled conditions to gradually become established,” the Met Office said. " The weather looks set to take a turn for the better, with warmer and drier conditions on the way for most.
June sees average highs of 19ºC, with lows of 10ºC"
So with the more positive weather on the horizon, what are some of the most unique, beautiful, and aromatic plants to grow this time of year? (Click for images)
Why not have a look at our wooden trough selection to start making some beautiful arrays of flowers in your garden (especially now that we can invite people around again!). Our wooden troughs are unique in design and are hand crafted here by our skilled workmen at Signature Statues. We also use fully tanalised timber, accompanied with pre drilled drainage holes.
Two of our newest designs created here at Signature Statues, you won't find planters like these anywhere else!
Elderberry Rope Trough - a unique shaped design different from the rest!
Old Oak Horseshoe Trough - includes a rustic horseshoe handpicked by our craftsmen, each trough has a completely different horseshoe, so you will have a trough in your garden like no other! 
Stone Troughs
Take a look at some of our beautiful stone troughs, such as the Wearne Trough, and the Autumn Scene Trough (receive two free finch planters with the Autumn Scene trough, an offer not to be missed!) 
All of our stone troughs have 5 years warranty, they are made from complete natural stone ingredients with a frost proof and acid rain resistant formula (so no worrying about the British weather affecting them!).

So let's start brightening things up, spread some joy and start planting some beautiful and bright flowers in our gardens!



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