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Attracting birds-the cheep kind!

As temperatures begin to increase and the weather improves, the activity of the British garden bird begins to change, and the familiar and cherished dawn chorus begins to be heard once again throughout homes right across our beloved island home. In this article written by Signature we look at how to attract local birds to your garden, building the best environment for them to thrive and how to provide the best care possible for the natural populations. 
In the United Kingdom we have a plethora of a different bird species, from Robins to Barn Owls, and Woodpeckers to Blackbirds all contributing to our magnificent local wildlife. But how do you do attract such a variety of birds in your local area to your garden or grounds? There are three main areas required to build a thriving environment: feed, nesting facilities and watering holes. The creation and selection of the different items may vary depending on the size and type of birds you are wishing to attract, but if all three components are satisfied local birds will soon make your garden their new home! Feed is an essential requirement to attract local birds. The five main bird seeds to attract a wide range of birds consist of: Peanuts, Sunflower seeds, meal worms, Millet and Nyjer. All of these contribute to a healthy diet for your local birds and can easily be placed into a simple hanging bird feeder in your garden. Specialist mixes can also be purchased for attracting specific birds, such as Blue-tit specialist feed. 
The next requirement is to place a suitable home and nesting box or resting area for your birds. This can be done by placing a bird table as a feeding and resting area. It is best to place your bird table in a quiet area away, with a variety of food sources and approximately 2m away from a bush. This will allow the birds to perch on the bush and scout whether the bird table is safe from predators, allowing them to build confidence and trust in the bird table. Secondly, nesting boxes are a great facility for attracting birds.  You can encourage birds into your garden by providing plenty of places to nest. A nestbox is an excellent substitute for a tree hole. The species you attract will depend on the location, the type of box, and the size of the entrance hole.

Finally, you should provide a watering hole for your local birds ensuring they have access to fresh and clean water on a daily basis. This can be provided through a birdbath or through garden ponds. When placing a birdbath, try to change the water every two days ensuring it is clean and fresh for your birds to provide them a constant fresh water supply. Thank you to everyone who supports British wildlife and we wish you all very happy gardening during these troubled times! We are currently offering 15% off all our products with code SPRING.

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