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March Into Spring

With the world on shut down, you may find yourself isolated at home browsing for ideas to spend this newfound time. As the planet takes a sigh of relief from a well-deserved break from humanity, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with your garden. 

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As we march forward into spring, your garden is at it's most fertile and in need of nurture. So pull on those green gloves and start planting! your body and soul will thank you for it and what's best of all, you are working towards creating the perfect environment to welcome back family and friends.

Starting any new project can feel daunting so start small and work your way through a list of goals. For instance, start with your lawn and weeds and then move on to planting (the fun part). 

Garden planters | Flower Bed Arrangements

Planting is the artistry of any garden, as for any artist; colour, dimensions and texture should be at the forefront. Whether planting into the ground or into a planter the flower bed arrangement is crucial to produce the desired effect. 

Planting in the ground can be challenging so we advise starting with planters or troughs and playing around with your arrangements in these first, the soil will be softer and you can put the planters on a surface, which means the strenuous bending is lightened. 

Planters and Troughs come in all shapes, sizes and will bring a more considered feel to your outdoor space. They are also fantastic for transforming smaller gardens where space is sparse. 

The most popular planters are wood and stone, both add a superior feel to any space, and will outlast other planters in lifespan and robustness. If you are looking for a year-round planter we suggest stone as it weathers more elegantly than most alternatives. 

For the modern garden, wooden planters and minimalist stone planters give an extra contemporary edge, whilst carved stone planters offer an antique, country garden finish. 

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When you have selected your planter, the next step is to plan your flower bed. As we mentioned earlier, really think about texture, size and colour and how your plants will work together. An easy arrangement to start with is layering starting with taller plants in the back and bringing in smaller dainty flowers in the front. For more tips on flower arrangements keep an eye out for our next blog, where we will share more insights into planning and constructing a flower bed. 

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