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Spring forward into British Summer Time!

Here we are again folks, the clocks go forward for an hour. Inevitably there will be a few tired minds and grumpy dads (we all know the type!) this Sunday after losing an hours sleep, but the clocks going forward also symbolizes the start of summer. This article concentrates on how you can best start preparing your garden for the cherished summer season! But where to start on such an overwhelming task? Stop, relax, and breathe in that lovely fresh garden air. This step by step guide will help you along the way to great garden beginnings.
First things first, Go over your tools. Sharpen blades, oil hinges. Use a mill file to sharpen blades, then add penetrating oil to remove and prevent corrosion. The next stage is to tackle the lawns, as this will build a foundation for borders and planting soon after (who doesn't love the smell of freshly cut grass?). It is important to strim to get clearly defined boundaries. 
Once this has been completed we now have a great foundation to begin! There are really two key preparations to undertake now: pruning and loosening soil. Many trees or shrubs can use a good pruning this time of year, especially those that bloom on new wood. Late winter/early spring is the perfect time to prune back old wood because you can see the branch structure well and you can shape the plant before the buds break dormancy and the plant starts investing energy in its branches. To loosen the soil, simply place your spade approximately 12 inches into the soil and keep turning it over while mixing in our compost. This should also be done on any new wooden planters, troughs or vases you intend to plant soon. These two preliminary factors create the perfect foundation for a vibrant blooming garden in weeks to come.
 For those wishing to add stoneware to their garden, it also essential to do so early on if you wish to achieve the old antique look to match your gardens surroundings. You can do this by applying yogurt to your new stoneware, which will age it very quickly! A new gardening trick for everyone there! Finally, onto the first wave of early planting.
Get the first wave of planting done as soon as possible. If you haven't planted indoors, this time of year is for planting out in spring, and particularly hardy vegetables (onions, potatoes, artichokes, and some lettuces) are ready to be planted now. Bulbs and Perennials tend to be straightforward to plant—it’s really just dig, drop, done! Dig the hole at the proper depth and spacing, add any soil amendments necessary, add the bulb/root ball and be sure that the crown is right at soil level, then fill in the hole and water thoroughly.
So now you have an authentic step by step guide to get you going through this period of uncertainty, get out there and enjoy your garden! Think of the rewards sitting in comfort into your garden with a glass of wine in the beautiful surroundings you have created. We have great offers here at Signature, and are offering a 15% discount across all products with code SPRING including this delightful bird table above. 

To conclude today's blog, everyone at Signature would like to thank the NHS workers for their tremendous efforts.





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