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French Bulldog | Stone Pet Memorial & Animal Garden Statue
French Bulldog | Sand Stone Pet Memorial & Animal Garden Statue

French Bulldog

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The French Bulldog statue has been in demand enormously since these delightful little dogs shot to popularity in recent years in the United Kingdom. In 2015, the French Bulldog was voted the fourth most popular breed in Britain. Originating from France, the French bulldog is a cross between the English Toy Bulldog and a French Terrier. With so many British people purchasing these adorable dogs, we thought it would only be right to create and  manufacture an authentic dry-cast stone replica for our Signature Statues customers.

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The Signature Statues creation of the 'Frenchie' has been developed purposely to a small size, not only to imitate the size of the dog, but also so our statue can be placed conveniently by your front door or on your patio. The 'Frenchie' will weather with age, as intended, without protection; developing into a timeless aesthetic for generations to come.

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