Classic Pointed Pier Caps – Signature Statues

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Pillar Caps - Pier Caps - Classic Pointed Pillar Cap - Signature Statues - Made in England
Pillar Caps - Pier Caps - Classic Pointed Pillar Cap - Signature Statues - Made in England

Classic Pointed Pier Caps

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The Classic Pointed Pier Cap or commonly referred to as the four times weathered pillar cap is the classic coned design used across the United Kingdom. Introduced in 2022 to our range, the Classic pointed pillar makes an excellent addition to your wall and pier caps, adding a touch of masonry class.

As with all our Pillar Caps and Coping Stones, they are handcrafted and manufactured to be both water proof and frost proof, ensuring they maintain there integrity against the British elements. They are also fitted with internal reinforcing steel bars and have drip grooves installed. We do have stock sizes available, but can also cater for any bespoke pier cap sizes and quantities you may require. 

Please contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss your requirements. 

  • Frost Proof, Water Proof and Acid Rain Resistant
  • Drip Groove 
  • Reinforcing Internal Steel Bars
  • Free U.K. Delivery
  • Quantity Discounts Apply
  • 5 Year Warranty

    Product Measurements

    Cap Size (Squared) Depth
    300mm 70mm
    410mm 160mm
    540mm 190mm
    670mm 230mm