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British Summer Time Sundial- Sundials-Made in England, U.K.
Weighton Grove Sundial - Sundial Plinth - Sundial - Signature Statues
Weighton Grove Sundial - Sundial Plinth - Sundial - Signature Statues

British Summertime

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Our Sundials can be purchased individually or you can choose one of our stone plinth to compliment your design. We will fit this sundial of your choice to the plinth selected with brass screws at the correct position. You can also choose to add an engraved plaque to the plinth, with your choice of inscription for gifts of sentimental value.

The British Summer Time Sundial is the largest sundial available in the Signature collection. This is a highly unique sundial, as it features two time keeping faces. One is displayed in the traditional numerical format for the British Summer Time hours, and the other displayed in Roman numerals is for the winter months during the Greenwich Meridian Time hours.

This hugely popular sundial also features a compass displaying the cardinal points. Due to the sundial showing the different time zones, the sundial quotes “gather ye rose buds while you may, old time is still a-flying” written in old English. This octagonal sundial looks fantastic on our octagonal sundial stone tops, making a first-rate centre-piece for any garden or patio. It is also of course made from solid brass ensuring reliable quality for years to come.

  • Solid copper brass
  • Free delivery
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Exclusive design

    Product Measurements

    Weight 1.5kg

    230mm or 9” diameter