Dordenma Buddha – Signature Statues

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Dordenma Buddha Statue-Garden Statue-Made in England
Dordenma Buddha Statue-Garden Statue-Made in England
Dordenma Buddha Statue-Garden Statue-Made in England

Dordenma Buddha

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This small ornament of a Buddha head makes an excellent unique oriental addition to any garden, terrace or patio. The Buddha head is of an intricate design, but crucially small and light enough to be placed on garden furniture, tables, or a small pedestal.

The Buddha head will weather with age, adding an antique eastern feature to your garden for generations to come.

  • Frost proof formula, that will weather over future years
  • Available in both antique white and sandstone
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in a larger size

Product Measurements

Height 25cm
Width 16cm
Weight 7kg


Why do some Buddhas have curly hair? Legend so has it…

Buddha was on a walk and began thinking very deeply. He came to a tree and sat down in its shade to continue his meditation.

Hours passed, and the Buddha became so immersed in thought that he didn’t notice the sun moving across the sky. The sun beat down on his bare head, and still he sat thinking.

A snail was making its way along the ground, and he noticed the Buddha sitting there, thinking important thoughts. Snails are tough creatures, but they are made of moisture, and have to be very careful of drying out, so the snail saw right away that the Buddha’s head was soon going to become a painful distraction to his great thoughts.

As fast as it could, the snail made its way up the Buddha’s robe to his head, and sat there, with his mucous-y body cooling the Buddha’s smooth, bare skin. Other snails noticed and followed the first one, covering Buddha’s head in a neat cap of spiral shells and cool, damp bodies.

Hours passed, and the snails became parched and dry. When evening fell and Buddha stood, noticing his surroundings once more, he found he was wearing 108 snails, all of whom had given their lives to further Buddha’s path to enlightenment.

These snails are now honoured as martyrs and are shown on many statues of the Buddha to remind us of their sacrifice.