Verona Balustrade – Signature Statues

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Verona Balustrade - Balustrades- Signature Statues - Made in England, UK
Verona Balustrade - Balustrades- Signature Statues - Made in England, UK
Cast Stone Verona Balustrading - Signature Statues - Made in England

Verona Balustrade

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The term Baluster originates from the French term "Balustre" in the 17th century. Incidentally, it is also the origin of the word Bannister in English, forming the protective part of a staircase. This particularly form of balustrade is developed and created to have a wide central birth, increasing its weight and robustness, making it excellent for balcony use. Due to to this characteristic of the balusters used in this unique design, in oppose to looking at the history and origin of it's design, we have decided to call it the Verona Balustrade, a tribute to the Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Balcony scene written in the 13th century. This delightful balustrading is perfect to delineate your veranda, balcony or terrace guaranteeing to add a cultured grandiose appearance for generations to come. All our balustrade are manufactured to the highest quality, handcrafted using the dry cast stone method.


A section of balustrading measures 600mm in length and 70cm in height, which consists of three balusters, a stone top railing and a single 600mm base support railing. Piers and finials are sold separately. However, for large residential or commercial please use the contact page to discuss quotations, measurements and delivery or shipment.  

Height 70cm
Width (Top Rail) 18cm
Width (Lower Rail) 18cm
Length 60cm
Weight 60kg